New single & video announced for this summer

Dear Normal Lovers,

We are very excited to announce a new single and music video coming out this summer! Click here to listen to our single Sundogs and leave us your feedback.

Pauline & Ben

17th july 2015 – we play at schwuz (expatriarch – generations) hosted by christiane rosinger !

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Just came back from a photo shooting for Expatriarch – Generations, together with Christiane Rösinger!! Christiane will be hosting our upcoming gig at Schwuz in July. New tracks, more shows and eventually a new video – this will be such an exciting summer, we’ll keep you posted!

we are playing on may 13th 2015 at südblock in berlin

NORMAL LOVE IS BACK! we are playing on may 13th in berlin at missy magazine party, together with keoma, kat frankie's new band!

we are playing on may 13th in berlin at missy magazine party, together with keoma, kat frankie’s new band!

dear normal lovers et amants normaux,
ben is spending 6 months in paris, working on a parfait français sans accent.
we are not playing at the moment, but we are of course delighted to continue getting your news.
à bientôt,
normal love
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45 tours

With the tracks Fever and Suddenly

The project is born out of a collaboration with the parisian label Lentonia.
Design by Dafne Boggeri

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happy new year

With all the end of the year´s business, I didn´t even manage to tell about our concert with Masha Qrella in the last week before christmas, and how much we loved to play with her. It was a very quiet and rainy tuesday evening in Kreuzberg, no one would guess there would be such a warm atmospehere at Ritter Butzke, and Masha really charmed everyone with her beautiful sexy voice and her soft tones.

After our gig on 24th January in Vienna, for which we will play some new songs, Normal Love will this month again be recording in Rashad Becker´s studio, we´ve got some new stuff that we are very exited about!

Please note that due to unforseen circumstances, we had to reschedule the concert with Jens Friebe in Hamburg, it´s not gonna happen on the 18th of January but on the 22th of March. All pre-sold tickets are still valid.




(pictures by steffi loos)



we just played a really nice concert in kreuzberg festsaal. it’s nice to play in our hometown – homeneighborhood even… where you there? what a crazy evening! we opened for bernadette la hengst, the whole night had a special feeling. bermadette is a friend and we already played many gigs together, and i have even collaborated on one of her songs some years ago. first arriving at festsaal we thought we would go back home without playing, because we had no time for a soundcheck and this felt no good. but fortunately we stayed, because the audience was totally lovely and what a fun with bernadette, she rocks. some people obviously are working on monday morning and left festsaal at some point. some other people are either not working on monday morning or don’t care about sleep because the party got really late, bernadette honestly played for hours, it was amazing and she really has got a whole collection of hits… after this memorable evening, normal love is resting a bit this week, and we are working on our album, finishing the mixes of some songs, more about this soon… next concert will be in berlin too, at ritter butzke opening for masha qrella on 18th of december. save the date!

hello France

We just come back from two fantastic dates in Paris and in Nantes. In Paris, we were invited by Gals Rock to play in a really nice club called the International, in the 11th arrondissement. We played there with the US american songwriter Chris Pureka and her beautiful voice. Gals Rock: it´s Clémence and Pauline. They have a shop in the 19th arrondissement, it´s a place dedicated to women´s rock culture, where they sell records, books, fanzines & where they organise showcases and more things. ( They are even open on sunday, so there is absolutely no excuse to miss this place! They do bring a really good vibe in the city of Paris: do you know any other place like this anywhere else? In Nantes, we were invited by Sofy of the association Wonderground, who have been organising concerts and events in Nantes since 10 years now! Sofy has a fantastic network of friends who help for accomodations, give amazing tours in Nantes, show you the best places to eat, and always take care of you in a lovely way. So really, respect for Wonderground !!! ( We played there with the self-called dandy freak MADmoizel from Toulouse, and with a great band from Paris, EDH who run a label dedicated to women´s music: Lentonia ( They are 3 women doing industrial electronic music: electric drums, synth and bass, and the 3 of them sing. (some of them have other bands also released by Lentonia records) So as you see, there we are, coming back quite happy to Berlin, after having met a lot of inspiring people.

oh and this is what we found in Nantes in a side street…