hello France

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We just come back from two fantastic dates in Paris and in Nantes. In Paris, we were invited by Gals Rock to play in a really nice club called the International, in the 11th arrondissement. We played there with the US american songwriter Chris Pureka and her beautiful voice. Gals Rock: it´s Clémence and Pauline. They have a shop in the 19th arrondissement, it´s a place dedicated to women´s rock culture, where they sell records, books, fanzines & where they organise showcases and more things. (www.galsrock.fr) They are even open on sunday, so there is absolutely no excuse to miss this place! They do bring a really good vibe in the city of Paris: do you know any other place like this anywhere else? In Nantes, we were invited by Sofy of the association Wonderground, who have been organising concerts and events in Nantes since 10 years now! Sofy has a fantastic network of friends who help for accomodations, give amazing tours in Nantes, show you the best places to eat, and always take care of you in a lovely way. So really, respect for Wonderground !!! (www.wonderground.org) We played there with the self-called dandy freak MADmoizel from Toulouse, and with a great band from Paris, EDH who run a label dedicated to women´s music: Lentonia (www.lentonia.com) They are 3 women doing industrial electronic music: electric drums, synth and bass, and the 3 of them sing. (some of them have other bands also released by Lentonia records) So as you see, there we are, coming back quite happy to Berlin, after having met a lot of inspiring people.

oh and this is what we found in Nantes in a side street…